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TheAdview - A Digital Advertising Start Up

TheAdview is a Digital Media advertising agency. We do not deal in the GDN and Social Media digital properties. But you can reach out to us for digital advertising options for popular websites, apps. We provide the best and lowest advertising rate for different digital advertising to our clients. Through our tie-up with more than 1000 publication houses across India, we assure the best discounts when placing an ad in Digital Media through TheAdview. You can contact us for best discounts and to execute your Digital advertising campaign either online, by sending a mail to

Banner digital ads


Text digital ads


Sound or audio based digital ads


Video digital ads

This are some of Advertising options in Digital media

Measurements in Digital Advertisments

  • CPM - CPM stands for Cost per Thousand. The advertiser pays a fixed fee for every thousand times their ad is shown to the visitor
  • CPC – Cost per click is a performance-based pricing model, the advertiser pays only when someone clicks on the ad
  • CPA – Cost per acquisition is provided as an option to large size advertisers. The advertiser is charged only when the user completes the action. The action can be app download, filling up a form, registering on the site or similar such actions.
  • CPL – CPL stands for cost per lead and advertiser pays only when a lead is generated with valid contact details
  • Fixed Fee – Popular among impact medium, an advertiser pays for being present there for a specific period. An example can be advertising on the home page of Times of India App. The advertiser pays for this model of digital pricing.


The only way to keep yourself from making assumptions
is ask questions
I. I want to place a digital ad. What are the different types of digital ads that i can place?

There are many options that you have, to name a few:

Banner ads, Display Ads, In-mail Advertising, Rich Media Ads, In-Page Ads, Roadblocks, Floating Ads, Home Page Takeover, Video Ads

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