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In this article, we will discuss additional digital opportunities that can help both maximize and complement the efforts you’re making on television.

Here are three bonus digital strategies to help make the most of your TV campaign while giving your online marketing a boost. You can do them all, or just one. It really depends on your product or service, market, budget and audience.

Expand Your Video Formats.

“Just take that 30-second TV spot and run it on the interwebs. It should work great,” is something no digital marketer has ever said.

For a digital buy, video formats really need to fit the platform. Your TV commercial isn’t optimized for Instagram Stories, the Facebook Newsfeed or any one of the dozens of options available on YouTube. So, before you get started, make sure you have the right creative in place. Creative that works for digital video needs to have strong attention grabbers and should be optimized to convey a message without audio. There are also opportunities for including direct and clickable CTAs.

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d2c Blog

This may feel like a bold or self-serving statement, but I truly believe no one knows how to do Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) advertising better than a Direct Response agency. Think about it. DR agencies have a long history of eliminating the middleman and selling straight to consumers.

Direct Response agencies understand how to engage and connect with your target. We know what kind of messaging can help take a consumer from intrigued to ready to buy. And we have a line of sight on when and where to reach them. Direct agencies possess real-world knowledge of the opportunities, and the mistakes, that come with this territory.

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Hockey World Cup 2018 Opening Ceremony: Here' all you need to know about the curtain-raiser event, be it live streaming, telecast or celebrity performances

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India are set to host the world's top 16 teams as the Hockey World Cup gets underway in Bhubaneshwar on November 27. The 14th edition of the World Cup will see India aiming for their first title in 43 years, with the 1975 Malaysia triumph being the only occasion when they returned with a Gold medal after beating Pakistan 2-1 in the final. The 2018 Hockey World Cup will start off with glitz and glamour as Bollywood celebrities including Shah Rukh Khan, AR Rahman and Madhuri Dixit are set to perform at the Kalinga Stadium. 

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Over the past year the state of video, according to GroupM’s latest report, has seen little material change, but the reasons and means of that change are becoming clearer.

Key findings include:

There is still a place for the big screen

The young may yet return to the main screen. They are already saturated with smartphones, and screen size is a binding constraint. Big screens encourage viewing, particularly for SVOD, YouTube and sports.

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Thugs of Hindosthan
Ads on Thugs of Hindosthan

You know every time Aamir Khan comes up with a film, it's anticipated to be nothing short of extraordinary. After all, he's not referred to as the 'Perfectionist' of Bollywood just like that. He is known to invest years in a film he truly believes in and make sure it becomes the most awaited on. Thugs Of Hindostan has been no exception. Aamir, along with his ensemble cast comprising of Amitabh Bachchan, Katrina Kaif and Fatima Sana Shaikh have been making this film since the last 2 years and now that it has finally hit the screens, the only hope is to see it do well at the box office and get accepted by the audience.


Vijay Krishna Acharya (Victor), the writer-director of the all-time YRF blockbuster DHOOM:3, teams up once again with Aamir Khan in THUGS OF HINDOSTAN along with Amitabh Bachchan to give the audience a never seen before experience of larger than life filmmaking. This YRF film holds a double bonanza by bringing together Amitabh Bachchan and Aamir Khan together for the first time ever. That in itself, is film lore in making. The film is set to treat audiences across age groups with the biggest jaw-dropping action sequences seen by audiences on screen to date. With its edge-of-the-seat thrills and an epic adventure and war on the seas, the film is set to light up this Diwali. Written by Official Source

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