Google Search Advertising insights for Small Businesses

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Google Search Advertising for SMEs

Google Search Advertising can prove to be the best advertising strategy for small businesses for the following reasons:

  1. Your ads would show up only when people are actively searching for the products you offer.
  2. You pay only when someone clicks on your ad.
  3. You can use multiple targeting methods to focus on your potential customers only.

Other Insights from Google Year in Search Report 2018

Google Year in Search Report tells a lot about the overall industry performance in terms of search demand from people. What we often miss out, however, are the insights for small allied businesses. In this article, we have handpicked some very useful insights from the report that may prove useful to the local and small businesses. Based on the report, a few pointers are very clear:

Hyperlocal Advertising is the future. With expanding cities and growing traffic, more people are searching for services “Near Me”. This makes hyperlocal advertising a must. Both Google and Facebook can help advertisers reach out to their online target customers in their vicinity. The best solution though would be a combination of offline and online tools.

In almost all the categories, we found that people look up for video reviews and video guides before opting for any service. This brings out the importance of Influencer Advertising, especially video bloggers.

Some Interesting Stats from Google Year in Search Report 2018 (Handpicked by TMA)

Automobile: Advertising ideas for Car/ Bike Servicing Shops and Used Car Dealers


What are people looking for?

Car and bike servicing shops, Used Car Dealers, Auto Vloggers

Google Search Advertising for bike servicing shops

If there is one single category in recent times most affected by online search, it is the automobile. It’s a well-established fact that initial visits to the automobile dealers for inquiries, price comparison etc has been replaced by visiting dealer website, reading and watching online reviews.

But if you think, it’s the big car dealers in metro cities only who have to take a cue, you might be wrong. Latest Google Search Report suggests that there was

  • 64%YoY growth in queries related to car and bike servicing
  • 70% jump in searches around used car research
  • 55% of all cars-related searches come from non-metro cities
  • 79% of auto buyers find answers and reviews on YouTube before purchasing


Consumer Products: Advertising ideas for Beauty Parlors and Health Food Restaurants

What are people looking for?

Beauty Parlors, Beauty Vloggers, Herbal and Natural Products, Cleaning Services, Health Food Restaurants, Pizza Restaurants

Natural ingredient products advertising

Google Search and YouTube are the latest beauty and fitness adviser for people online. With non-metros catching up with metros, a large volume of search is happening in regional languages. Not only this, there is a very interesting trend that can be seen in the difference of topics being searched in different regions of India.

Google Search 2018 Statistics state that there was

  • 40% growth in searches related to beauty
  • Hair care, skin care, and makeup are the highest searched topics
  • 5X higher search volume for natural ingredients
  • People want to know methods to create their own beauty products- lipstick, lip balm, aloe vera gel, soap, etc
  • Significant growth in queries for protein bars, sugar-free and gluten-free food
  • 40% increase in home care searches
  • Pizza is the favorite food of Indian consumers when ordering online

Fashion: Advertising Ideas for Boutiques and Accessories Brands

What are people looking for?

Boutiques, Bags and Eyewear brands, Fashion Vloggers

Fashion is the ever-growing category online. Owing to its fast changing nature, the Internet is always abuzz with new trends and products. This effect is quite evident in the Google Search Report 2018.

  • Over 70%of all fashion searches come from two categories: Clothing, Beauty & Personal Care
  • Trends play a major role in search terms– over 55% of all dress-related searches included “Black” while velvet was the most searched material of the season.
  • Dresses in Western-Wear and Sarees in Ethnic wear top the charts.
  • Plus Size Clothing witnessed a 62% growth.
  • 60% of all accessories search is for bags

Gifting: Advertising Ideas for Gift Shops

What are people looking for?

Online gift sites, Offline gift shops

Gifting has always been a popular practice in India. Now, people are open to considering unconventional and personalized gift ideas too. Most common search terms are- “Customized gifts”, “Unique gifts”, “Handmade gifts”, “Best gifts”, and “Surprise gifts”.

  • Search volume for gifts is the highest during Diwali, Rakhi and Christmas for “near me” and “delivery”
  • Over 111% growth in “near me” searches related to gifting
  • Most popular gifting topics- Greeting cards, Flower arrangements, Fruit gifts, Gift baskets


Travel: Advertising Ideas for Travel Agents and Tour Operators

What are people looking for?

Travel agents, Taxi Services, Tour Operators, Travel Vloggers, Hotels & Homestays

Advertising ideas for travel companies

India is bitten by the travel bug and now the non-metros have taken the lead. Following is the YoY growth percentage in terms of

  Bharat Top 8 Metros
City & Short Trips 28% 11%
Car services and taxis 16% 4%
Packages 7% 1%
Destination activities 28% 14%
Pure destination discovery 42% 34%

*YoY Growth

  • 42% jump in International travel-related queries
  • 12% growth in domestic travel-related queries
  • May is the peak month for travel related queries
  • Australia is the most favored destination
  • Bengaluru is the highest searched destination for hotels
  • Growth in domestic travel queries much higher in top 8 metros

Advertising Ideas for Co-working Spaces

With start-up culture catching up in India, offices are becoming shorter and without boundaries. A large number of people like to use the plug and play model hence, the search for co-working spaces are increasing.

  • 100% growth in queries for  co-working spaces  in real estate searches
  • Delhi NCR is the top destination for co-working spaces search.


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